Barbette Quinn 

Having undertaken a commission detailed location photographs are taken and the first sketches are prepared. The finished lunette using egg tempura and a glaze probably set within a traditional hand gilded surround will normally take at least one month to accomplish. Measuring thirty two inches across the base by twenty inches to the top of the arch, a work of this size could be considered for a fee of £3,50.

Barbette Quinn  is one of those rare people who has undergone a change to become a painter of extraordinary talent. Not the product of the traditional art educational establishment and totally self taught, her natural ability has been honed by the hours of detailed care and attention she lavishes on each of her works. Her home is her studio on the edge of the Longleat Estate in Somerset and like one of her still life paintings her kitchen table can be speckled with quail's or duck eggs, a flourishing green cabbage, a bright lemon, a trio of quince or several bold pomegranates.

Barbette Quinn​ She surrounds herself with the things she loves to paint, lives and breathes with her subject matter so that her intimate involvement with them brings a real sense of attachment. Not just a casual observer, Barbette Quinn conveys an architectural quality to her timeless work. It's as though she has not only created the art we are looking at but has been instrumental in constructing the very object she has depicted so beautifully.

​Her style could have been from long ago but the result sits so well in contemporary surroundings. She paints in oil on gesso in both large (two foot square) and small (eight inch by six inch) panels and her work can be seen in discerning galleries.​