Hopi Breton

Community, physical and social landscape, and identity are themes I explore in my work, and I search for connections between these and a metaphysical space. I create conceptual craft oriented objects that are often a hybrid of common objects, language play, and specific media. I lean on specific cultural themes, Land Art, Material Culture, and language and literature as guides. Objects such as rocks, logs, buckets, and feet, as well as materials such as gold, wood, iron, and salt are used as much for their symbolic qualities as for their formal qualities. My installations are linked to specific ideas of rites of passage, voyage, and ritual, where the use of multiples suggests a universal condition. I teach sculpture and organize Bay Area artists in cast iron art events. The community, ritual, and performance art aspects surrounding this work also influence my artwork. I am interested in the shared experience that teaching and group performances signify, always creating a bridge between professional/domestic life, community/individual, and play/work.​

Hopi Breton is currently Chairperson of the Art Department at Diablo Valley College, in the San Francisco Bay Area, where she also heads the sculpture program. She earned a BA from Loyola University in New Orleans and an MFA from Montana State University.

​She has organized and worked with students and peers to create cast iron art performances nationally, including the International Cast Iron Art Conference at Sloss Furnaces in Birmingham, Al, The Western Cast Iron Art Conference, in Denver, CO, and the Fire Arts Festival at the Crucible in Oakland, CA.

Hopi has also curated several exhibitions, including “Metaliform, All Things Metal”, “Between Places; Photography and Sculpture”, and “Turf; Ecological Activism and Art” at Diablo Valley College’s Art Gallery.