Warren Hedgpeth

Warren Hedgpeth was born in 1952 in San Diego, California, the son of a well-known marine biologist of Welsh/Irish descent and his mother, who was of German/Norwegian origin, taught French. The coastal and desert mountain realms of California and Oregon strongly influenced his art, where nature’s forms and energy were abundant.

He studied art at the University of Oregon in 1971-1973 and was a student of Guy Fawkes, a Fauvist. As a painter, Hedgpeth immersed himself into the process of inventing abstract language, full of life, and then articulating it onto the flat plane of canvas, linen and wood panel.

Nature as I have experienced it has fed my ability to tell stories as an artist… from working alongside the Navajo in my youth on a high mountain ranch, packing King salmon on the Oregon Coast; dry, wet, the solitude of being engaged.​

WarrenHedgpeth’s passion is being in the moment when he paints; connecting with the work as it springs forward. This process of discovery triggers deep feelings and memories. The goal is not to over manage the art, but to keep it fresh. “Painting is a search for completion in life, each painting unfolds; drawing and painting are one.”